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I'm a woodworker and a leather artist/crafter. Photography and astronomy are my passions.

I'm descended from the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk who was killed in 1777.

I am also of Scots-Irish descent and VERY proud of my heritage and my culture. I do not apologize for my culture, nor am I "politically correct", and do not tolerate others who think that it is a necessity to be so.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Treasure hunting, updates, etc.

So it has been a little while since my last post, mainly because I've been rather busy with classes and such. I finally have a bit of a break because some of my classes are hybrids and that requires a little more self-teaching than actual classroom time.

I went to Indiana for a few days a couple of weeks ago in order to visit. My uncle had just recently passed away and we (my brother and I) checked out the property that we own up there that my uncle had been living on. My aunt had also just been put on hospice because she has been battling cancer for the last couple of years.

My brother and I had the chance to go check out some of the places around there that we used to go to and such, as well as our old property from before we moved to Florida many years ago. For the most part everything looks a lot as how it did when we moved away in 1989. The Midwest never seems to change very much, unlike where I live in Florida where there seems to be either a new shopping center or subdivision on an almost weekly basis going up somewhere close.

Now that the weather has been getting a little bit cooler I've been able to go out and do more outdoor type things. I've been using my metal detector and in just a few short trips to the local parks lately have found over $20 in clad coins, a silver dime from an old home site that burnt down a few years ago near where I live, wheat pennies, a Civil War bullet, lots of trash, a high velocity rifle bullet from a local playground, and numerous other little things. I also took my metal detector with me on our Indiana trip but didn't really find too much of interest besides a lot of coins. I wanted to search around the area on our property up there that my uncle was living on because I knew that I would find some interesting things there, but didn't do it for very long because the ground was like chopping through rock in most places. Also, my older cousin was there and I wanted to visit with him for a bit; he was the one who initially interested me in metal detecting when I was a kid and he always has his detector with him.

I plan on going through that property a little more thoroughly the next time I get there. The problem is that the property is rather large and it will take some time to go over it all. I don't remember what the exact acreage is, but I know that it took my brother and I nearly half an hour to walk from the front of the property to the back and return again. Since it's old farmland, though, I'm sure that there should be some interesting things that lay in wait under the soil, plus my nucle was notorious for burying jars of money, so who knows.

That should about wrap things up for now. It's getting late and I should be at least attempting to try sleeping so that I can have a full day tomorrow. Thanks for all who continue to read and subscribe to my ramblings.