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I'm a woodworker and a leather artist/crafter. Photography and astronomy are my passions.

I'm descended from the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk who was killed in 1777.

I am also of Scots-Irish descent and VERY proud of my heritage and my culture. I do not apologize for my culture, nor am I "politically correct", and do not tolerate others who think that it is a necessity to be so.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Say hello to Eddie

I finally finished with the last details and have Eddie painted and everything's working the way that it should be. I do plan on getting another wig for him, though, as this one just isn't cutting it, even though I have. The wig just wasn't shaped correctly for use the way that I want it to look, but it will have to do for now.

So thanks for looking, everyone, and thanks for asking to see the pics of his progress. If anyone wants him to appear for any party, be sure to drop me an email.


Tallguy said...

What an amazing job! That's incredible. I can just see him talk and joke and be an excellent companion. I think he'd be a lot better than some people around here! I'd love to meet him in person.

Aeryck de Sade said...

Hey thanks! He was a blast to make and this one is a keeper for me. I've actually put a better wig on him and will be posting those pics next.

Also, I just finished a muppet style puppet and will get those pics up soon as well.