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Monday, May 14, 2012

My New Book... PREFACE Sneak Peek!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I'm currently working on a new book to publish about Spirit Communications.

I thought that it would be a nice idea to share with my readers the Preface of the book, so that you can get an idea about what the book will be like and maybe whet your appetite for it in the coming days.  Of course, I'll let everyone know when I have the final proof complete and when it's ready for sale!

(The following is Copyright Aeryck de Sade, All Rights Reserved)


   We have all experienced the loss of a loved one in our life at some time or another.  That loss could have been someone very close to us, or a mere acquaintance, but it was a loss nonetheless, and the memory of that person has stuck in our mind up until now.
   Have you ever felt the presence of that loved one, perhaps while you were just going about your daily routine, or upon waking in the morning?  Maybe you’ve felt a slight nudge from behind and thought to yourself for a moment that the feeling was somehow familiar, like the touch of someone you once knew.  Perhaps, as you lie in bed and drift off to sleep, you get the faint notion that you heard a voice, like a whisper, from close by, even though you are alone.  Maybe you are jarred awake from that slumber you were just entering, thinking for a brief moment that you were being watched, or that you were being breathed upon.  Perhaps, while walking down your hallway, you noticed the familiar scent of roses or a favorite perfume that your departed friend or relative liked to wear, and it gave you a reason to pause, and remember.
   These are situations that we can all relate to in some way or another, and ways that the departed let us know that they are still near us.  The desire to want to know what our departed is experiencing, or that they remember us, is a deep and personal emotion that affects us all, and leads us to seek for methods of reassurance, or even communication, with our dearly departed.
   Maybe your motivation is as simple as curiosity, or wanting to delve into the strange and unique world of “ghost hunting”.  Maybe you think your house is haunted, or your friend has asked if you think that their house is haunted.  Wouldn’t you like some methods to discover, for yourself, how best to communicate with the other side?  Wouldn’t you like to know that you can find evidence about the spirits that may be in your own house, or in a location that is rumored to be haunted?
   In this book I will seek to provide you with several methods of communicating with spirits.  I will focus on methods that range from simple ones that require little to no training, and some that require minimal equipment to record the voices of the dead.  Then I’ll venture into some more advanced techniques of helping you to become more attuned to the subtle world of Spirit so that you may discover if the path of mediumship, or spirit communication, may be more your forte.
   I’ll discuss some of the methods that professional ghost hunters use, that you can use as well, to determine if a location is haunted, or if you are being contacted by Spirit.  I will also share my thoughts and methods of using tools such as dowsing, pendulums, and spirit boards for communications with the deceased.  Along the way, this book may pique your interest in seeking a hobby or career of ghost hunting, or spirit communication.  Maybe you’ll even discover that you have a knack for mediumship, a highly coveted talent that has been used by many people to communicate with the dead ranging from law enforcement to private readings for people that seek to contact their dead relatives, as well as ghost hunting teams that seek to discover the reasons for a particular spirit hanging around a location, whether for good or ill.
   I hope that you’ll find this information as useful and enlightening to read and experience as I have in sharing it with you.  It is my wish that you will find this book useful to advance your knowledge and experience in the unique and wonderful world of spirit communication.  So sit back and prepare yourself for a journey that many have thought about, but few have ventured down; a journey of wonderful new insights and sensations that they only dreamed about in books or in shows, but that I am now laying out for your inspection and learning.
   May Spirit open new worlds to you, and may you be opened to new worlds of Spirit!

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