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I'm a woodworker and a leather artist/crafter. Photography and astronomy are my passions.

I'm descended from the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk who was killed in 1777.

I am also of Scots-Irish descent and VERY proud of my heritage and my culture. I do not apologize for my culture, nor am I "politically correct", and do not tolerate others who think that it is a necessity to be so.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

New book...

Stay tuned, as I'm working on a new book to soon be published!

Right now I'm planning on releasing it as a digital eBook at first, for distribution, and then we'll see if I decide to make it available in print form or not.

The book will be focusing on different methods of spirit communication, as well as its uses in such areas as ghost hunting and mediumship, EVP, etc. It will be an interesting read, and one that engages the reader more than a simple "how-to" manual would.

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