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I'm a woodworker and a leather artist/crafter. Photography and astronomy are my passions.

I'm descended from the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk who was killed in 1777.

I am also of Scots-Irish descent and VERY proud of my heritage and my culture. I do not apologize for my culture, nor am I "politically correct", and do not tolerate others who think that it is a necessity to be so.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Amplified listening device

This is a project that I did some time ago, but thought that I would post some info about this since I've had some questions asked. It is an amplified listening device similar to ones that are sold for a LOT more than what it took me to make. And, for anyone who knows me, I much rather dig something out of a dumpster or make it myself if it will save me money.

In the pictures below you will see the parabolic dish that focuses the sound to a condenser microphone. The microphone plugs into the odd little box that consists of an audio amplifier unit and and input/output jack (for the mic and headphones) as well as a volume control knob. I have the LM386 OP amplifier on the circuit board for producing the necessary amplification from the microphone, and it is also looped with the high-gain pins so as to produce a VERY amplified sound.

The parabolic dish is actually a recycled item from the dumpster and it originally was a feeder guard that fits over a hanging bird feeder in order to keep squirrels out of the seed box/feeder. I found the point at which the sound was amplified the most for the placement of the microphone, which is held in place by a hard wire that also serves the purpose of a handle along the side (as you can see in the last photo).

I made this for recording bird and animal sounds from the woods (and the local barred owls that make their home on our property). I had a Bionic Ear © super amplified system years ago that I used for similar purposes, as well as for recording EVP during paranormal research outings. I just couldn't see spending over $100 again for something that I could easily make.

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